Wedding + Elopement

New England Filmmaker & Photographer

Based out of Rhode Island

My mission: Love is that moment when you've met your person and your world is flipped upside down. Out of all the people in our vast universe, you found each other. My goal for your wedding video is it to be true to you, because we all have our own story. I love natural connection and genuine emotion with all the couples I work with. I craft a film and take photos that capture your spirit and personality with all the love and the special moments in between.

I often travel to Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and beyond to capture and commemorate your wedding day, offering wedding videography and photography. Wherever love takes you, I will be there.

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Welcome! My name is Tiffany!


My name is Tiffany and I'm a filmmaker and photographer based out of Rhode Island. Born and raised in Maine, I'm an avid lover of the outdoors and a creative storyteller at heart. I consider my aesthetic to be warm, emotional, and candid.

When I'm not shooting elopements, weddings, or capturing epic drone shots, you'll often find me hiking, reading, or adventuring with my family, which includes our Goldendoodle, Mia.

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A groom has his arm around the bride as they look at each other lovingly in a field during golden hour at the Timber Hitch Farmhouse in Maine.
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