Brian & Jenna's Wedding at Puddledock Gathering Post - Corinth, Maine

Brian and Jenna are one of the coolest couples I've ever met. As avid adventures, they have explored parts of the world together and had been together nearly a decade before they married at the Puddledock Gathering Post in Corinth, Maine. When Jenna reached out to me to ask about wedding videography, I immediately knew that we would be a great fit. Although I had not met either of them prior to the date of their wedding, I could sense that they were both fun and kindred people. For them, marriage was their next big adventure and I was so honored and excited to capture their day.

Their wedding took place at a venue near where I grew up. At one time, the venue was a farm that I would often pass with a huge barn and a big farmhouse. I always thought it had so much potential and then when it was bought and transformed by the current owners, I was so excited to be booked for a wedding there. The venue is now called the Puddledock Gathering Post. When you pull in, you're greeted by a big red barn, a stunning farmhouse, and an expanse of green grass. Across the greenery, you may find yourself in the wooded pines where you can tie the knot at the ceremony spot. It's the sort of place you might daydream about with blossoming flowers and the smell of the sweet Maine air.

I met Jenna in the bridal suite in the loft in the barn. Jenna and her bridal party were so kind and welcoming. They were such a fun group to be around, excited with the buzz of a wedding in only a few hours. Later, I went to check in with the guys who were also just awesome and a rad group. Brian and his groomsmen were getting ready in what I could only describe as a large shed transformed into a "man cave." It had fun touches and was such a great place to get ready.

The couple decided to do a first touch before the ceremony. The photographer, Emily King and I, led them behind the barn corner. Jenna and Brian touched hands and it was such a beautiful moment as the almost married couple were able to enjoy a moment before they made it official. They exchanged gifts and read letters from each other. Tears were shed.

The ceremony turned out beautifully. They held hands beneath the pines and proclaimed their love and dedication to each other through personal vows. The love and energy of the day was absolutely amazing. The people in their lives supported them and lifted them up, and as they said "I do", I found the emotion contagious. Their love is the kind that transcends lengths of time and just makes sense. The reception took place in the barn. It was a fun party and everybody had a fantastic time! 

To tie up the day, a buttery sunset appeared and the photographer and I took them out to the taller grass in the field, to capture some dreamy and intimate moments with the glow of the sun dipping beneath the horizon.

I had the honor of capturing this beautiful and special day. Congratulations Brian and Jenna!