Chris & Katie's Wedding in the White Mountains

"I promise to wake up and choose you over and over," Katie said during her vows. From the moment the day started with Chris and Katie, it was clear as day that the love these two had for each other ran clear and deep. It was truly genuine and when you see them together, a feeling swells in your chest as you realize that everything is right in the world. Chris and Katie's love is the kind we all strive for.

They had their wedding at the Eagle Mountain House, a golf club located in Jackson, New Hampshire. For reference, this is nearly half an hour above North Conway. Tucked away between some lushes green mountains, with miles of red spruce and hemlock trees, it's a sight to behold. The main house of the golf club has a historic charm with vintage carpet designs and beautiful wooden accents. In my experience, the staff was so welcoming and kind, always offering me a warm smile when I passed by. I met Katie inside the Eagle Mountain Room where she was getting her first touches of her hair and makeup with her bridal party. Katie and her girls were so fun and I immediately felt welcomed.

Katie did two first looks and the first nearly brought me to tears. As she got her stunning wedding dress on in her room, her dad and brother waited on the wraparound porch. They sat in rocking chairs, facing out toward the drive. As Katie finished the touches of her dress and placed a veil in her hair, she took a moment to compose herself. The moment when the bride puts on her dress is always an emotional moment in time, because everything that they had been planning for months had suddenly become so real. On the porch, she approached her dad and brother and they stood up and turned around. Her dad immediately became emotional, offering a deep hug to his daughter who would soon be marrying the love of her life. Katie's mother, brother, and dad all joined together for a family hug. This was very special.

Katie and Chris had chosen to do a first look with each other as well. Chris and Katie met by the river down the road, with the mountains rising up in the distant backdrop. She walked to him and when Chris turned around, his eyes lit up. Chris was full of joy and humor as they embraced and shared an intimate moment with each other. A first look is epic, because just like when the bride puts on her wedding dress, it's a reality of what is about to happen. Careful not to step in the fast flowing water, the couple take this opportunity to capture truly epic video and photo by the river.

The ceremony took place in a gorgeous nook in the woods, overlooking the mountains. To reach the spot, you have to walk down some stone steps and it's charming and wonderful. These same steps made the most magical entrance as Katie came walking down the aisle, accompanied by her dad. Chris smiled as she approached him and they took hands. Their officiant was a close friend and she was hilarious and emotional, the perfect person to wed this couple. Katie and Chris chose to write their own personal vows. They spoke about the essence of their love and how much each meant to the other. Although I'm a wedding videographer, I also consider myself to a hopeless romantic too, so as they spoke their beautiful vows, I may or may not have been tearing up behind my camera. It was just so beautiful and genuine. Finally, to finish tying the knot, Chris and Katie did the breaking of the glass to symbolize their commitment and dedication to each other.

They moved the party to the reception tent where Chris and Katie had a romantic first dance, followed by Katie's dance with her dad and Chris's dance with his mom. After a lovely dinner, it was party time. Nearly everybody danced and enjoyed the most wholesome and fantastic night.

I was so thankful to be asked to be a part of their big day. Their special day was remarkable and wholesome. Chris and Katie were surrounded by those that loved them so dearly. The wedding team for the wedding was such a pleasure to work with.

Venue: Eagle Mountain House

Photography: Sydney Kerbyson Photography

Floral: Dutch Blomen Winkel

DJ: Peak Entertainment

Desserts: Delectables by Danette