Leo & Kelsey's Wedding at Silver Oaks Estate - Winthrop, Maine

When Kelsey reached out to me about the plans for late fall wedding, I was ecstatic. The romance of a moody fall wedding video, with a mist lingering in the air and vibrant red leaves clinging to the branches before they fall is my favorite.

When I pulled into the venue, I was greeted by a gated driveway that led right up to a beautiful, rustic barn. A wooden sign was attached to the top near the roof, reading "The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate."

I had not previously had the opportunity to meet Kelsey and her fiancé Leo, so I entered the barn walked past the gorgeously decorated long tables toward the back. Kelsey and her bridal party were getting ready in the bridal suite. I couldn't help but gush over Kelsey's stunning dress, rings, and bouquet which was accented with the vibrant colors of autumn. Kelsey's grandparents came to see her while she was touching up her makeup and they exchanged an emotional moment. Her grandfather was officiating their ceremony. This was a very special event for the couple. She had a special gift for her grandparents and this is where I also learned that it was her grandmother's birthday.

Leo arrived a little later with his party. Dressed dapper in a beige suit, the photographer and I led him outside to capture some moments of him getting ready.  

As a wedding videographer, I get to see some truly amazing moments before the couple unites at the ceremony. Sometimes I see the tears of emotion and sometimes I see the nerves before the couple stand up at the alter, surrounded by those closet to them. The dedication and love humans can share is truly commendable. Although I could see that he was holding back, I knew that Leo was thinking of the moment that would await him when his beautiful wife walked down the aisle to tie the knot.

As the time for the ceremony neared, a small wrench was thrown in the plans. The ceremony was supposed to be outside in the small field behind the barn, but a rain in the forecast made everybody uneasy about committing to the wedding outside. After much thought, they made the ultimate decision to hold the ceremony inside the barn.

Sure enough, as the time neared, the grey sky opened up and it poured.

This small change in plans turned out perfectly. Leo took his place by the alter with his groomsmen. Kelsey's bridal party took their place on the opposite side of the alter. Finally, the bride made her way down the aisle and reunited with her soon-to-be husband. As Kelsey's grandfather commenced the ceremony, it quickly became emotional. I couldn't help but tear up a little as Kelsey's grandfather shared memories of precious moments and the mothers placed dirt in a tree that would be planted in the memory of this day. Kelsey and Leo had exchanged personal vows privately the day before. Finally, they officially tied the knot and everybody cheered as they walked back down the aisle hand-in-hand.

Despite the rain, Kelsey and Leo were delighted to go outside to take wedding photos and video. I pulled on my rain coat and covered my camera in plastic before I trekked out into the rain, determined to capture the most amazing shots. The couple made this moment so easy, as they held hands by the driveway and walked past the picket fence. Their eyes only revealed the true love they have for each other. Leo twirled Kelsey in front of a tree, glinting with drops of water on its leaves.

After this, it was party time! Everybody came together for great food, wonderful toasts, and a night of dancing to remember. Kelsey had a particularly fun father-daughter dance. I knew of the plan beforehand and I was waiting for the moment they went from slow dancing to a choreographed dance routine that they had planned to surprise everybody with. Later, when the DJ called everybody to the dance floor, the lights went down and the floor was illuminated with purples, pinks, and greens. Every body busted out their best moves, laughing and dancing. It was so fun to watch!

Leo and Kelsey's wedding was dreamy and emotional. Everybody was truly awesome. I am so honored that I was asked to create a wedding film for their beautiful day.

I met some remarkable vendors at this wedding. The day wouldn't have been possible without all of these great people! I didn't meet all of them personally, but everybody was very friendly and worked so hard to make this day remarkable.

The wedding team:

Venue: The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate

Photographer: Kayla Fick Photography - Boudoir, Elopement, & Lifestyle - Dexter, Maine

Florals: Moon Child Florals  

Singer/Guitarist: @lilyhardingmusic

DJ: High Tech Entertainment

H&M: Jessica Griffin Hair & Makeup, Kayla Libby Hair Artistry

Catering: Perley's Catering

Cake & Cupcakes: Love Cakes

Dress & Tuxs: Grayce's Bridal - Bangor