Matt & Sarah's Wedding at Autumn Lane Estates in Sabago, Maine

When I pulled into Autumn Lane Estates, it was love at first sight. I was met by a wooden barn and a beautiful, updated farmhouse. Across the way, the great expanse of Sebago Lake captured my eye. The water glinted in the sunlight and twinkled across the horizon.  

I met up with Sarah and Matt, who were both getting ready for their big day. Sarah was in the bridal suite, having her dark hair braided at the top and spilling loosely down to the side. As she was having her hair and makeup done, her sister presented her with a special gift--a video of those dearest sending messages of love and good wishes. After this emotional video, she put on her dress and her sister laced up the back. Lastly, she put on her new, white Nike kicks. She and Matt had purchased matching sneakers for the occasion, which just tells you how cool this couple is.

Instead of a ceremony, Sarah and Matt chose to do something unique. They wanted to exchange their vows on top of a small, local hill. I traveled to the little mountain with Matt and we hiked to the top and captured some epic shots of him solo. Sarah followed further behind, wearing her wedding dress. Before seeing her, we had Matt turn around so they could experience a special first look together. Sarah tapped on his shoulder, her face beaming as he turned. They embraced each other and began reading their vows. Their voices cracked with emotion as they shared an intimate moment, overlooking the view of miles of trees and the lake below them.

After they exchanged their vows, the photographers and I captured some epic and romantic shots with the two of them.

Back at Autumn Lane Estates, the reception was sweet, with only their closest friends and family. They all enjoyed mingling, great food, dancing, yard games, and homemade desserts. It was an absolutely beautiful day for such a cool and amazing couple.

As the sun began to set, we all went to a sand beach on the lake. The sky glowed the color of cotton candy, with pinks and blue hues. It reflected on the water and was the most amazing backdrop for Sarah and Matt, as they shared some romantic moments with each other.

I'm so honored to have been their wedding videographer.

The wedding team:

Venue: Autumn Lane Estates

Photographer: Devin Taylor Photography

Food: MAINE Catering and Events

Flowers: Marcia Davis

Decor: Maine Events Design and Decor

MusicL: Maine Audio Visual